Any kind of hardwood floor adds not only charm but beauty to almost any room, but like most types of flooring, they need regular care on a regular basis to maintain their quality appearance.

  • Oil
  • Lacquer

Air temperature and air moisture:

  • Parquet board is produced of 100% natural timber, therefore significant moisture variations con influence it.
  • It is important to maintain the relative humidity in the room as stable as possible.
  • Our recommended humdity is RH 40-60%. Recommended average temperature is 14-23 C.

Damage prevention:

  • Please monitor moisture and temperature as set out above and take corrective measures if necessary.
  • Place doormat at the entrance.
  • Avoid placing wet articles on the parquet.
  • Use a damp cloth only if necessary to clean the floor using MINIMUM moisture.
  • Clean off occasional spots/stains immediately.
  • Glue soft pads to the feet of furniture.
  • Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes on the floor, as they can dent or scratch the floor.