Properties of parquet

3 layer parquet construction.properties_parquet_layers_esta_parket_thumb

The parquet is a three layer sandwich board.

The top layer consists of a solid timber species according to the customer’s preference (oak, ash, maple, etc.) approximately 3.5 mm (0.14”) thick. The surface layer is finished with 7 layers of protective materials or with UV oil.

The middle layer is in solid pine finger strips approximately 9 mm (0.35”) thick for strength. This layer is cross-glued to distribute the innate tension optimally acting within the individual layers. The parquet stays in top form for a long time.

The bottom layer is birch veneer 1.5 mm (0.06”) thick, which makes the whole construction very stable and more resistant to humidity from the bottom.

  • Thickness – 14 mm (0.55’’), 22 mm (0.87″) with T&G
  • Length – 2200 mm (86.56”)
  • Width – 204 mm (8.03”)


2 Layer parquet construction.

The main difference to the 3 layer parquet is that the top layer is glued on the birch plywood. It allows varying the thickness of the floor (10-22mm). The parquet is even more stable to the changes in weather conditions.

  • Thickness 10-22 mm (0.39″ – 0.87″) with T&G
  • Length – 600-2200 mm (23.61″ – 86.56″)
  • Width – 90-230 mm (3.54″ – 9.05″)


Oiled surface

  • The coating of parquet boards with KLUMPP UV-oil protects the woods natural appearance by penetrating the top fibres of the surface.
  • They are based on natural oils which become UV-curable due to chemical modification.
  • Maintenance of oiled floors is very easy and preserves the floor beauty for years.


Lacquered surface

  • Esta Parket lacquered boards are coated with a minimum of 7 layers of protective materials.
  • Multilayer lacquering reveals natural beauty of the wood and ensures long-time protection.
  • Anti-scratch technology on top of the lacquer expands wear resistance even further.
  • The UV-lacquers we use are absolutely safe, they do not contain solvents or formaldehydes and do not evaporate any hazardous materials.
  • A lacquered surface is hygienic, easy to maintain and provides good protection against staining.


Heat treated wood floorings

Heat-treatment permanently changes both the appearance and properties of the surface layer of parquet.

Depending on the extent of heat-treatment the colour tone of the surface layer changes from light brown to deep dark brown. At the same time hydro-distortion is lowered to one-tenth of the original and the Brinell hardness of the surface increases.

No chemical additives are used during heat-treatment. Changes in the wood occur due to the effect of heat on the cellulose, hemi cellulose and lignin structure. This applies also to the change of colour tone, which is achieved without tinting or staining agents or other wood treatment.

Heat-treated timber can be sanded in the normal way and after sanding the colour tone will remain unchanged.

Heat-treated boards are available in ash and oak. It is suitable with under floor heating.


Esta Click

properties_esta_parket_parquet_click_01t properties_esta_parket_parquet_click_02t

Esta Parket flooring is supplied ready for installation, sanded and finished with UV lacquer or UV oil with glueless assembly Esta Click.

Benefits of the glueless Esta Click system are:

  • an easy to fit floor;
  • quicker to fit, therefore saving time and money;
  • the floor can be used immediately after fitting;
  • the possibility of removing the floor and installing again elsewhere.