20 Year Guarantee

  • All wood materials used in the production of Esta Parket are dried / conditioned within our factory complex to guarantee stability of the board construction.
  • Flooring boards are glued at low temperatures so there’s no inner tension between the components therefore they perform better as laid floor.
  • Esta Parket can be used with underfloor heating. Our parket performs very well even under Scandinavian variations of moisture and temperatures.
  • The resins used in production are non-toxic and the parquet complies with the severest health requirements.
  • The bottom layer is a Birch veneer that adds to the stability of the board.

Wear Layer

  • The top layer of valuable wood is app. 3.5mm thick and this allows several sandings of the floor if it ever becomes necessary.
  • Environment-friendly lacquers and oils are used in finishing layer that do not contain solvents or formaldehydes and do not give off any hazardous gazes.

Uniclick Patented Lock

  • Esta Parket boards with click locking can be laid easily and quickly. Glue is not necessary to fix the boards.
  • The boards will close tight up against each other once the locking is clicked into place.
  • Tight locking protects the boards against occasional spillage of water.


  • UV oils by KLUMPP combine the benefits of floors with a natural oil finish and UV-hardened floors. They are based on natural oils which become UV-curable due to chemical modification. This gives them much better chemical properties and an improved scratch resistance compared with natural oils.
  • A high biogenic content of the build-up
  • High viscosity stability
  • Open-pore effect and coloring of wood alike natural oil
  • Easy to clean properties
  • Preserves natural wood look


  • Esta Parket lacquered boards are coated with a minimum of 7 layers of protective materials.
  • Multilayer lacquering reveals natural beauty of the wood and ensures long-time protection.
  • Anti-scratch technology on top of the lacquer expands wear resistance even further.
  • The UV-lacquers we use are absolutely safe, they do not contain solvents or formaldehydes and do not evaporate any hazardous materials.
  • A lacquered surface is hygienic, easy to maintain and provides good protection against staining.