ESTA Parket Brochures


ESTAParket Stock Collection 2020/21.

Discover our new STOCK COLLECTON with decors following latest design trends and mainly finished using innovative 5% gloss lacquer system.




ESTAParket Wood Flooring Collection 2020/21! 

Discover our Anniversary Edition.


ESTAParket Wood Flooring highlights 2019!

Explore our Wood Flooring Trends 2019 that highlight natural surface and color of the wood.





EstaParket 2019



EstaParket New Wood Flooring Collection 2018

Check out our 2018 Wood Flooring Trends!





EstaParket 2018




EstaParket Wood Flooring Brochure 2017properties_parquet_layers_esta_parket_thumb

We would like to present our new Wood Flooring Brochure 2017.

Discover our unique wood flooring range and find the perfect choice for your home!

For a rustic, contemporary or natural home decor, Esta Parket offers 8 distinctive hardwood flooring collections in a variety of wood species, rich colors, textures, finishes and styles.

EstaParket 2017



2 Strip Floors with 1 Strip look.

Check out our new 2-Strip Floor Collection brochure to learn more about our special flooring pattern design and discover a wide range of colors and styles that match all tastes and interests.

2 Strip Oak Collection




EstaParket Wood Flooring Brochure 2015

The Choice of flooring defines the style and ambience of your home.
Learn about our wood flooring range that will help to transform your dreams into reality.


Esta Parket 2015