Underfloor Heating

Assembling The Parquet Over Underfloor Heating.

Preliminary heating of the floor is obligatory if the parquet is laid on heated floors. It is the gradual increase of temperature from 20,00C (68,00F) to 50,00C (122,00F) – by 10,00C (50,00F) a day, and then the maximum temperature is kept for 11 days. On the 16-18 days the temperature should be lowered from 50C (122,00F) to 20C (68,00F) – by 10,00C (50,00F) a day and then the heating system should remain at this temperature until the 23-rd day. Days 23-27 the system should be raised again from 20,00C (68,00F) to 50,00C (122,00F), and days 28-30 – lowered down to 20C (68,00F) again. On the 19-th day of heating one should measure the moisture content of the ground – that shall not exceed the limits stated above.

Please never raise the floor temperature above 27,00C (80,60F). The air temperature in the room may vary between 14,00C (57,20F) and 23C (73,40F).